Say yes to the dress (but no to the write-up)

The link was irresistible: a blurb about a celebrity’s wedding dress, and a picture of said-celebrity in a frothy, one-shouldered, red-and-white-swirled gown that looked absolutely heavenly in the tiny thumbnail. I had to see if that really was her wedding dress, or just a trick to get me to click.

I clicked. It was. The dress — divine.

Photo from of Jessica Biel in a custom Giambattista Valli Haute Couture wedding dress.

This fabric reminds me of the amazing strawberry cheesecake ice cream Thrifty’s used to make (yummmm — nothing like it anywhere). (Photo from

The accompanying copy, however . . . not bad, but it contains another one of those all-too-common errors that people keep seeing and hearing through reputable sources, so they think it’s the correct way to speak and write. They adopt it, and it spreads like the Red Death:

Screen shot of copy blurb from, reading "Jessica Biel's custom Giambattista Valli pink wedding dress also featured another of our favorite bridal trends—a whimsical tiered skirt. Here, 20 similar wedding dresses that are equally as awe-inspiring."

What’s wrong with that? you might wonder.

The problem is in the last line. “Equally” and “as” are both comparatives. Using both is redundant. All the sentence needs to say is, “Here, 20 similar wedding dresses that are equally awe-inspiring.”

(Some people will argue that there shouldn’t be a hyphen in “awe inspiring,” but that is a case where solid arguments can be made on both sides, so I’m fine with or without. If I’m the one making the call, I’ll probably go with the hyphen.)

I hear and read “equally as good as” way too often. Two things can be equally good; one thing can be as good as another thing. Nothing is equally as good as anything.

Now I want a new dress. And some Thrifty’s ice cream.

Image of a double-scoop cone from Thrifty's.

Thrifty’s Ice Cream RULES!!!!


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